Hi Bill, I would like to send a note thanking you and the team at Nodal Ninja for the support and quality of products that you guys have been hard working on. It is during a recent conversation with my customers that made them truly understand that quality products alone is not enough and they are very very happy with the support that they have gotten from us. There was a few calls from 2 particular customers here in Singapore that stood out. I would like to convey their message to you should they not have emailed you directly yet....

Terence Ang - He is a new panographer who has been a photographer for many years. He purchased a NN5 and after much discussion with me on phone and through email, he picked up a Canon EF 15mm fisheye. He was suprised to hear and get the replies he needed even though the NN5 was not purchased from me directly. He purchased it through NN's store directly not knowing that there is a local reseller in Singapore. He ran into problems on the use of it with his camera and older lens setup before he purchased the 15mm fisheye. After much conversion and frustration on his end, he was really happy to have been able to get in touch with me and the decision to get the 15mm fisheye. He was not sure why resellers offer so much help even though we did not get his order. I told him exactly what you would have advice, that NN do listens! no matter if we are resellers, distributors or NN itself. I assure him he'll get the same kind of support should he ask in the forums.

National University of Singapore, Duke NUS - They were looking for panographers and through some older contacts, they managed to find me after engaging another panographer here in SIngapore who was unable to deliver to them what they have proposed. This panographer was engaged for a few panos and eventually, could not deliver the ones of their canteens where there are a lot of students moving around. They had a very bad impression of NN products, blaming NN products not being able to deliver the panos. I suspect that the panographer put all the blame on the equipment resulting in such a notion.

I was engaged, heard of their dis-satisfaction and brought down a NN R10 with Samyang 8mm lens ring with the RD4 and a NN3 MK2 with a RD16, I use a Canon 5D on the Samyang while a backup body, a Canon 50D with the Peleng 8mm on the NN3 and was (of course) able to produce really good panos for their needs. The whole engagement was a testament of NN products they have since been convinced that NN products are one of the best around in terms of machining, finishing and precesion. As confident as i was of NN products and what I can do, i shot Duke NUS free of charge with no additional fees for the agreed panos for them. I shot PHD students about to start a class on human gnome tech in Duke NUS itself after explaining my presence there and why there is no point ducking the camera hahaha since i am getting full 360 shots of the whole lecture hall. They had as much a great time as i had shooting them.

There are panograhers and there are PANOGRAPHERS i guess. Some really made a made name to not only NN products due to their lack of experience or even soft skills in trying to explain what they can and cannot do. Some simply lack technical skills in taking still photos, let alone panoramas AND dare be charging for it. This will not be the last of it, the last I heard a similar incident is from Park Royal Serviced Residence under Pan Pacific SIngapore, who got quoted a really high a price for 15 panos around the serviced suites before they engaged me. I do not hope to have people cheapen panography as a photography skills or an art form but people should not be charging as much as almost SGD500 a pano with no other special equipment such as a helicopter or pole! ok enough of that.

Once again, please thank everyone at Nodal Ninja including Nick. They ought to know that they are really appreciated not only by resellers and fellow panograhers but by customers who are engaging panographers as a service.

regards, Wee - 360@itcow.com - Singapore Reseller