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NN3 & NN3 MKII Complete Manual

9. Mounting camera in landscape mode

Mounting your camera in Landscape mode on the NN3 MKII


N3T30 T-adapter

Mounting camera in landscape mode
Mounting camera in landscape mode
Click to enlargeMounting camera in landscape mode
The N3T30 or N3T20 T-adapter will increase the adjustment maximum distance to 127mm (5"). This would be the maximum distance from camera mount to nodal point (entrance pupil) of a particular lens. It is important to note that when mounting the T-adapter (or Camera Mounting Plate - NCP1 - shown above) NOT to twist the T-adapter to tighten. Tighten using coin or screwdriver. Twisting the T-adapter or NCP1 onto to base of a camera may cause damage to the camera base.
The T-adapter may also be substituted for the newer Camera Mounting Plate (NCP1), although the CP does not add additional length to the rail, its primary purpose is to give a better gripping surface to mount your camera.

9.1. Using Quick Release Adapters

The use of the Camera Plate (CP) or T-adapter allows for the use of many 3rd party quick release systems T-adapter with 3rd party quick release plate. The camera mounting plate may also be used. When using a 3rd party quick release plate select one that is approximately 20mm or less in thickness. This will not work with every camera setup but, will with many.

Using Quick Release Adapters

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