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NN3 & NN3 MKII Complete Manual

5. Removing and Replacing Detents

Detent rings

Changing the Detent Ring on the NN3 MKII

5.1. Available detent rings

Note: on the 0 side there are no detents.

5.2. Changing rings (pre Feb 2008 Nodal Ninja's)

To change rings, disassemble the lower rail assembly by unscrewing the lower rotator friction set knob (1).

Note: The 12 degree detent ring shown in above sample has been discontinued.

Changing rings

Place the detent ring with desired side face up and reassemble. With NN3 you may need to tighten the rotator base to adjust the desired rotating tension. To set the tension, loosen the inner screw (shown above) using a coin or standard screwdriver, then hand tighten the knurled knob (with Nodal Ninja markings) to desired tension, then tighten inner screw to lock the tension.

Note: Newer NN3's no longer use the inner rotator washer.

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