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NN4 Complete Manual

15. Returns

We realize Nodal Ninja might not work for everyone. If you find for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, please contact us immediately for return instructions.
We will accept items returned if "received back" NO LATER than 14 days for NN4. We will refund the original amount paid less shipping and handling. Returns must include "all" materials as shipped, no scratches or obvious marks. Items received as stated above will be refunded item cost (less shipping and handling). Items missing from shipment will be deducted from the refund at full retail price at time of receipt. Items received back in condition noted above "after" 14 days of buyer receipt, but no later than 60 days, will be offered 75% refund off purchase price (less shipping and handling paid).
Please allow up to "7 days" to process and issue your refund. For international orders we are not responsible for exchange rate differences from the time you buy to the time money is actually refunded.
Our return policy only applies to purchases made through our website, and may differ from those of our other online store fronts and / or authorized resellers.

eBay'r Note: Nodal Ninja's sold on eBay from individuals are NOT covered by any warranty, nor we can offer any support - buy at your own risk. Also, please report any illegal use of images and text that may have been copied from our website.

If you wish to return your order, please contact us for instructions. Policies do change with time, so please reference our current return policy on the website.

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