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NN4 Complete Manual

7. Setting up with Known NNP

If you already know the "No Parallax Point" (NNP) of your camera and lens, there are only two adjustments to deal with on Nodal Ninja to properly position it. The exception would be if your camera, or battery grip, has an offset tripod mount in which case you will need to compensate with a T-adapter as explained later. In the samples to follow we'll use the NN3 in some images as the same basic principles apply.

7.1. Setting the lower rail

With the camera/lens mounted, rotate the upper rail so it is perpendicular to the ground. Point the camera directly down, making sure the barrel of the lens is in line with the upper rail.
Loosen the lower vertical rail knob (shown in image as adjustment knob), slide the vertical and upper assembly back and forth on the lower rail unit until the camera/lens is positioned directly over the lower rotator knob (with marking). You can look through the camera viewfinder to help center. Once centered, you have your first of two settings.
Setting the lower rail
Insert a rail stop as shown and tighten to lock, and remember this position. The lower position is now set and will not change regardless of lens or focal length.

Setting the lower rail
Setting the lower rail

7.2. Setting the upper rail

Loosen the upper rotator knob and rotate the upper rail with camera/lens still attached so it points straight out (parallel with the ground), as shown below. This position is known as 0 degrees. Next loosen the camera mounting knob and slide the camera on the upper rail until the NNP of the lens is centered with the upper rotator. In the example we show the Nikon D70 with 10.5mm lens. The NPP point on this lens is very near the gold ring. So we slide the camera/lens on the rail so the ring is centered with the upper rotator, which is also in line with the center of the vertical rail.

Setting the upper rail

Insert a rail stop as shown and tighten to lock, and remember this position. The upper position is now set, unless you change camera and / or lenses or vary the focal length, it will remain as is.
Using the rail stops after you learn your settings will allow you to remember the same position when re-mounting your camera. You can place the rail stop on either side of the camera plate. The image shows the rail behind the plate.
Setting the upper rail

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