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NN4 Complete Manual

14. Warranty

Nodal Ninja is a quality instrument. Under normal usage it will last many years. We feel so confident our product will stand the stand of time, we issue a 2 year warranty from the date of your purchase - one of the best in the industry. In the unlikely event a part wears or breaks, simply contact us for a replacement part. We will replace any part that is deemed to be defective at no cost to the consumer other the cost of postage to send it in.
Customer abuse or misuse (to be determined by manufacturer and / or distributor) will void any implied warranty. This warranty is issued to the original buyer only, is non-transferable.
The manufacturer (Fanotec) and / or distributors also assumes no liability for damage caused to equipment, or downtime time caused as a consequence of not being able to use our product, or injury caused to persons using Nodal Ninja. Please keep out of reach of children. As with any piece of equipment, use it appropriately. We do not want to get into a lot of expensive legalize, but we would like the buyer to understand and accept at time of purchase
ALL responsibilities that arise out of the use of our products either directly or indirectly.

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