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NN5 & NN5L Complete Manual

1. Introduction

Congratulations on your recent purchase and welcome to the exciting and growing world of panoramic photography. Panoramic photography is one of the fastest growing segments in photography. With developments in hardware and software, this technology allows for the creation of seamless stitching of multiple images. From simple two shot panoramic images or complex 100+ shot super mega pixel mosaics, the Nodal Ninja is hardware designed to work in conjunction with your camera and lens to eliminate parallax when shooting adjacent images. Our panoramic tripod head is a quality piece of equipment designed to give you many years of use.
Nodal Ninja 5 is specially designed Spherical Panoramic Tripod Mount allowing the photographer to adjust a camera/lens exactly over its correct rotational axis called the entrance pupil (aka Nodal Point). This helps to eliminate parallax error inherent when shooting multiple images side by side. Without parallax, a photographer can seamlessly stitch multiple photographs together, forming a larger, higher resolution composite image.
This manual will cover the important aspects of both Nodal Ninja 5 (NN5), as well as a slightly modified version of NN5 called Nodal Ninja 5 Lite, hereafter referred to as NN5L. It is important to note that some features may vary slightly from the actual unit you have. Because NN5L is basically a NN5 without the upper arm click stops (more on that later), this manual will primarily focus attention to the NN5 unless noted otherwise.

NN5/NN5L - What's the difference?

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