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NN5 & NN5L Complete Manual

8. Using the Camera Mounting Plate (NCP1)

When mounting the camera plate (CP), make sure it is perpendicular to the camera body to assure a snug fit. Do NOT twist the CP to tighten, secure using the 1/4 screw with coin or screwdriver. Twisting the CP to tighten may damage the rubber skid plate on your camera base. This would also apply to using the T-adapter as well.

Camera Mounting Plate
When using the CP mounting plate it is possible to rotate it 180 degrees on the base of the camera giving a bit more forward or backward movement, depending on which way it is mounted. This is a personal preference as some cameras allow for a better grip in one position while others will allow for a better grip (more surface mounting area) in the opposite position.

Camera Mounting Plate
This setup allows you mount your camera and lens in portrait mode (sideways) onto the upper rail on Nodal Ninja.

Setting the upper rail

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