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Camera Plates with Anti-twisting Flange

Camera Plate with Anti-twisting Flange
1. Loosen the lock screw so that the 1/4" mounting screw can slide freely.

2. Slide the 1/4" lock screw in direction of arrow 2 to its furthest position (in image this would be to the left).

Camera Plate with Anti-twisting Flange
3. Using the 1/4" mounting screw, attach the plate to the base of camera/grip being careful not to fully tighten. Slide the camera plate until only a small space (approx 1/4") is left between flange and camera/grip body.

4. If the clearance between the flange and 1/4" mounting screw is not enough, loosen the lock screw completely and flip the 1/4" screw assembly horizontally and reinstall the lock screw.

Camera Plate with Anti-twisting Flange
5. Slide the plate flange so it fits snugly with curvature of camera/grip.

6. Using the hex key slide the plate up against mounting screw. Tighten locking screw being careful not to overtighten. Once lock screw is set, this will not need to be changed unless mounting to different camera/grip model.

Camera Plate with Anti-twisting Flange
7. Optional Feature:
If the QR clamp being used does not have or support saftey pins, you can use the M3 Safety Stop Screws. Install the M3 screws as shown in image at each end of plate making sure to use the black plastic washers as spacer.

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