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Nodal Ninja Quick Reference Guides

M1 Ultimate Series

Nadir Adapter on M1L



Install the nadir adapter at the end of lower rail, opposite to the bubble level, using two M5 screws (with brass fitting) shipped with the rail.


Optional: install the M5 screw supplied with the adapter when a very heavy camera and lens are used.


Install a M3 socket head screw (head machined to 5mm) to the central socket at the bottom of MFVR-170C. This screw now acts as a stop.


Attach MFVR-170C to the nadir adapter. Slide it to the right or left until it is stopped and flush to the nadir adapter. Tighten the clamp on MFVR-170C.


Tighten the knob of nadir adapter fully. The knob is spring loaded. Pull it out to adjust to more convenient angles as needed.

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