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NN4 Series

Nodal Ninja 4 w/RD16

NN4 complete manual

Mounting the RD16 rotator to the NN4

NN4 on RD8
Nodal Ninja

Specifications of NN4

Weight: 1045 gr (2.3 lbs)

Height: 255 mm (10")

Length: 200 mm (7 3/4")

Material: Anodized / Painted Aluminium

RD16 Rotator

Mounting threads = 3/8 inch

Diameter of 62 mm

Height: 49 mm

Premium quality aluminium alloy

Precision CNC machined components

Lubricated bearings for smooth rotation

Laser engraved markings

Detent interval can be changed quickly

Knob for locking rotation

Retainer wire so you don't lose the knobs

Small nadir footprint

Fine 2.5 degree rotation markings

16 selectable increments = no. of stops around:


NN4 - upper rotator

NN4 - upper rotator

NN4 - upper rotator

NN4 - upper rotator

NN4 - upper rotator

Camera mounted in portrait mode

Camera mounted in portrait mode.

Camera mounted in landscape mode

Camera mounted in landscape mode.

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