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Lens Ring for Sigma 8mm Fisheye Nikon Mount

The lens ring consists of a metal outer ring and a plastic inner ring that fits the lens snugly. The plastic ring allows reproducible mounting of lens and protects the lens from stress by providing maximum area of contact to the lens.

Preparing the Lens for Ring Mounting

Click to enlargePreparing the Lens for Ring Mounting
Manual focus is preferred for making stitched panos. The focus distance scale will be hidden by the lens ring. Users are recommended to use tape to fix the focus ring at around 0.5-1m on the scale and use an aperture of f/8. For best sharpness, do tests to find the optimal focus distance and aperture settings for different situations. If not taped, the focus ring is still movable with the lens ring installed. Users can use live view to set a focus distance where the distant and near objects are both in focus. Alternatively, the distance scale can be reproduced on visible area of the lens barrel with labels. Turn the focus ring to the desired distance. Place labels at the positions indicated. Put Mark 1 on the label on the focus ring. This is the new reference mark. Then put Mark 2 on the label above. To mark more distances, turn the focus ring to other distances of interest and add the marks. Mark 3 and Mark 4 are at focus distances at 1m and 0.5m respectively. A reference mark for roll angle can also be added for accurate alignment.

Installing the Lens Ring to the Lens
Loosen the knob on the outer ring until its slit is about 6mm (1/4”) wide. Squeeze to take out the inner ring. Check the label on the inner ring to confirm with the lens in use and the direction of mounting. The arrow should point to the front of lens.

Click to enlargeInstalling the Lens Ring to the Lens
Align the slit on the inner ring to the left of the focus scale. Insert the lens. Stretch the ring when necessary. Move it to a position where it fits snugly. Push it against the anchor point to ensure reproducible mounting and consistent NPP settings.

Installing the Lens Ring to the Lens
Fix the inner ring with a piece of tape about 40mm (1.5") long. Stretch the tape so that the ring will grasp the lens firmly. This prevents movement of inner ring when outer ring is rotated, thus protecting the paint of lens barrel. Cut any tape that goes beyond the trimmed area of the inner ring.

Click to enlargeInstalling the Lens Ring to the Lens
Align the outer ring to the slit of inner ring. Insert the outer ring (loosen its knob further if needed) from the back of the lens. Tighten its knob slightly. Rotate the outer ring so that it snaps to the inner ring and rotates smoothly. Optionally align the notch indicated to the user added reference mark. Tighten the knob fully.

Installing the Lens Ring to the Lens
Mount the lens to the camera. Loosen the knob on the ring to align the LRP to the lens release button on the camera. The camera will be in portrait mode with handgrip pointing up. Loosen the knob on the ring to rotate to other angles. Use the notches (at 30° interval) at the back of ring and the added reference mark for accurate roll angle alignment.

Tips and Tricks

Removing Lens Cover From Sigma 8mm Fisheye

Click to enlargeRemoving Lens Cover From Sigma 8mm Fisheye
This is a potential pitfall for new users of this lens. The lens cover consists of a cap and a short hood. The cap and hood need to be removed in order to get enough angle of view for taking panos with 4 shots around.

Lens Ring Blocking Remote Port for Some Nikon DSLRs

Lens Ring Blocking Remote Port for Some Nikon DSLRs
It is reported that lens ring for Sigma 8mm for Nikon blocks the remote port for Nikon D200/300/700 etc.
There are 3 ways to overcome this issue.

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