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Using the T-adapter

Using the T-adapter
This is our first generation t-adapter. It is primarily used for cameras that uses an offset tripod mount. Ideally the tripod mount should be inline with center of the lens. Most point and shoot cameras as well as some Canon DSLR battery grips have a tripod mount that is slightly offset. The t-adapter helps to compensate for this offset. The t-20 is good for offsets up to 20mm (as with most cameras) and the t-30 is good for offsets up to 30mm.

Camera Plate - 2nd Generation
Because of the back flange on it, it provides for a better anti-twisting mount on the base of the camera. We provide two plates. One plate has a little bit longer flange on it. So, dependind on the camera that you're using, you may want one plate or the other. To change the plates, you simply take the hex key, loosen up the hex screw, and after changing one plate with another, screw it back down, not too tight. Then mount the camera plate to the base of the camera using a Nodal Ninja coin, and again, not too tight, but just enough to allow you to slide the flange so it touch the back of the camera. You can take off the plate and tighten down the hex screw. Now, you can mount the plate directly to the base of the camera, and then simply mount the camera to the upper rail of the Nodal Ninja. This provides for a nice anti-twisting of the upper camera, a good secure mount to the upper rail of the Nodal Ninja.


QRG - Using EZ-Leveler II: .html .:. .pdf (323 KB)
QRG - Using Rotator Footplate: .html .:. .pdf (343 KB)
For M1's sold prior to Jan 26th 2012 only - Replacing Upper Rotator Knob For Nodal Ninja Ultimate M1: .html .:. .pdf (183 KB)
QRG - New Camera Plates with Anti-twisting Flange: .html .:. .pdf (355 KB)
QRG - Camera Plate CP-C2: .html .:. .pdf (305 KB)
Specification for Fanotec Arca Style Camera Plates: .html .:. .pdf (116 KB)
QRG - Nodal Ninja Anti-Twisting Camera Mounting Plate: .html .:. .pdf (80 KB)
QRG - Nadir Adapter for NN3, NN4, and NN5: .html .:. .pdf (402 KB)
QRG - Quick Release System Mounting Instructions: .html

French (Français) Accessories translations
Remplacement de la molette supérieure de la rotule Nodal Ninja Ultimate M1: .html .:. .pdf (605 KB)
Plaque d'attache rapide anti-rotation Nodal Ninja: .html .:. .pdf (910 KB)
Manuel de la plaque de montage rapide QRS2: .html

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