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Changing the Detent Ring on the NN3 MKII
Loosen the rotator lock knob, then loosen the detent plunger knob slightly. Next, unscrew and remove the upper knob which will have a built in hex key. Separate the rotator and expose the detent ring. Unscrew the set screw just enough to remove the detent ring and replace with the desired ring of choice. In this case, here we use the 45 degree ring. Each ring is reversible and has a different set of stops on each side. In this video we use the 45 degree ring. Ring marking "45° n=8" translated: 1 click stop every 45 degrees of rotation, total number of stops around = 8. After changing the detent ring and putting back together the rotator, tighten the detent knob until you feel the ball bearing is touching the detent ring (small reaction force). Turn the rotator to see if there is wobbling at the detent stops. Tighten the knob a bit more if you note any wobble. Precision is max when the ball bearing is just touching the detent well. Tighten upper rotator knob enough for good tension and feel. Be careful NOT to over tighten.

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